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Kodiak Docking Stations for Laptops

Industry Leader:

Kodiak is a step beyond their competition with first-to-the-field features and options. They have an ongoing design process that continually improves their products and the technology they use. Their latest laptop docking station feature "intelligent" power management systems. These docking stations are totally automated with power and charging as well as many laptop protections.

Proven in Industry:

The applications for field force automation are expanding on a monthly basis. Kodiak has a proven track record in the following markets: Law Enforcement, Electric, Telco, Military, EMS, Fire, Construction, Insurance, Real Estate, Agriculture, Oil, Gas, Transportation, Warehousing, Food Distribution and Survey Companies. Some of these applications are used in conjunction with Kodiak's integrated Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Quality Construction:

The Kodiak laptop docking station is the premier laptop desk docking station for service in Truck's, SUV's, Van's, and Car's. Providing laptop security and voltage regulation for your in-vehicle mobile computing needs. These docking stations are built to U.S. Military specifications and meet the most demanding of needs.

Custom Built:

The custom docking station is designed specifically for a make and model of laptop, using the highest quality materials and construction throughout. Kodiak Mobile is a custom manufacturer of in-vehicle docking stations and mobile data equipment. Their products are designed and tested for extreme mobile applications. All Kodiak docking stations are MIL-STD 810E tested for vibration and impact. These rugged units are designed from the ground up for in-vehicle use in harsh and demanding conditions.




The docking station can be removed from the laptop desk in minutes, or can stay in place. A versatile mobile office accessory suited to act as a laptop desktop, portable power supply, port replicator, lockable desktop. A total mobile data communication solution.


Kodiak Docking Stations

Kodiak docking stations are now available for popular models:

  • Panasonic Toughbook
  • Dell
  • Itronix
  • IBM
  • H.P.
  • Compaq

Call our Public Safety Division (1-866-314-5427) for Kodiak Docking Station details!

Kodiak Docking Station selection

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